B. Stuyvesant Champagne Demi Sec NV

Champagne, France
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Composition: Traditional blend of the 2 Champagne grape varieties from several harvests.
Made up of approximately 80% Pinot Meunier and 20% Pinot Noir

To the eye: Light gold color, thin and plentiful bubbles.

Nose: Fresh nose with aromas of blood oranges and hazelnuts.

Palate: Round and generous with a nice sweetness.


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Champagne B.Stuyvesant

Marne Valley, Champagne, France

The vineyard stretches from the Ardre Valley to the Aisne via the Marne Valley.

​With plots in 6 villages in the Marne Valley (Montigny sous Châtillon, Châtillon sur Marne, Binson-Orquigny, Reuil, Venteuil and Cerseuil), 1 village in the Ardre Valley (Serzy et Prin) and 1 village in the Aisne (Mont St Père).

In a radius of 25km around Montigny, the different slopes enable the vineyard to grow the 3 Champagne grape varieties, Pinot Meunier (black grapes), the main variety cultivated in the Marne Valley, Pinot Noir, (black grapes) and Chardonnay (white grapes). The vineyard is made up of around 70% Pinot Meunier, 20% Pinot Noir and 10% Chardonnay.

To obtain the highest possible quality of grape, all the work in the vines and winemaking is done locally and exclusively by hand, and out of respect for the environment, the vineyard uses integrated pest control methods on the estate.

About Marvina

Growing up, M. Robinson’s love affair with champagne began quite humbly as a college student. She and her friends would often pool their limited funds to purchase a bottle of Moet & Chandon, White Star. They frequented a liquor store on Fulton Street and St. James Place within the neighborhood she was raised. They would do the traditional toast, cheers and proudly sip out of their plastic cups. Although this Bottle of Nostalgia was discontinued, it stoked a love for champagne in Marvina’s heart that would burn brightly until this day.

M. Robinson desired her own brand of champagne to serve as the private house label for her upcoming champagne bar. In order to achieve that goal, she worked with a vineyard in France to create Stuyvesant Champagne. The first tasting of Stuyvesant Champagne was hosted by Suite 607 located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.  This was the first official tasting in the United States with invited guests. After receiving great feedback from the carefully selected attendees, she was able to confirm the two selections that would become the primary offering of Stuyvesant Champagne; a Rose and a Grand Reserve Brut.

One of M. Robinson's fondest memories of champagne occurred in January of 2019 when she visited the famous Les Deux Magots in Paris, France. She sat outside in the cold, under a heated lamp, chatted with a fellow patron and sipped champagne as they did in the movies. 

M. Robinson has a zest for life and travels and hopes to bring a taste of home, spice and culture to the Champagne community.  She is one of the few African American women owning a Champagne brand. Her love for her hometown, Bedford-Stuyvesant (Brooklyn, NY), inspired the name of her brand, Stuyvesant Champagne.

She invites you to raise a glass and toast to the freshness of family and beginnings of a strong and fruitful relationship.